The Past

I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario, where my main focus was textile design. I had a dream of a career as a stage designer so I moved to London. After a year making props for some historic West End shows, I was hired to run the report production department at Booz Allen in their London office. They had Xerox Documentors, which I learned how to use, but I quickly brought in Macs, Mac II’s! After too many all-nighters I switched to freelancing, producing data-driven and analytical graphics for management consultants in the UK. I moved to Miami in the 90’s and built up my reputation as a top-notch production person. I did some fantastic jobs for clients like Pepsi, Knight-Ridder and Mercedes-Benz. I got to work with some excellent designers and realize now just how much I learned from them. In 2005 I moved to Las Vegas. There wasn’t the kind of design jobs I was used to in Miami and London. I had several freelance clients there, mostly local businesses. It improved over the years but in the meantime I started my other career, a business decorating bathroom fixtures, decorated When I’m not making sinks, I fill in the downtime with design, and vice versa. I have many years of design experience and pride myself on doing an excellent job and what the client wants, at the same time.

I am currently living in Florida and spending the summers in Ontario, Canada, I bought a church built in 1882 that I am turning it into a summer home and studio.

Production Design Mercedes-Benz Catalog and Knight-Ridder Annual Report | Done years ago and still looks good today, I learned a lot from the designer, John Norman.

Production design for Mercedes Benz catalog and Knight Ridder Annual Reports. Done a long time ago and still looks fabulous today.

Production Design Museum Catalogs and Pepsi Stuff | The museum stuff was a joy to work on and the Pepsi stuff was very well paid.

Pepsi Stuff and Museum of Fine Arts in Miami catalogs production.

Production Design | I did these for years, it was a good gig.

Production and mechanicals for the Gpahics of the Americas trade show.

Production Design | I always liked doing the Cruise brochures, I didn’t mind the site maps either.

Production and page design for Graphics of the Americas and Cruise Line brochures.

Kinetico | I did their graphics for many years in Las Vegas including of ads, signage, vehicle wraps, and in-store displays for Home Depot.

Lynne sands graphic design and illustration samples. Hire me to get great graphic designs.

Infographics | I love doing them.

Infographic designer and illustrator, presentation design. Lynne Sands, Daytona Beach Florida and Canada.

Golf Course Community Site Plan | I did a whole bunch of these. I’m detail-oriented.

Need custom artwork for real estate development, site plan or floorplans. Custom freelance designer. Many years experience.

Floor Plans | I did tons of these in Florida and Las Vegas, more than 1000 for sure, not all this elaborate.

Custom floor plan artist for real estate developments. I can make all your floor lans look fantastic.

Maps | I have done many, many maps over the years and loved doing all of them! Even the boring ones.

Creative map artwork. Freelance map design and artwork. Lynne Sands. Map artist.

Shoe School | I always wanted to be a shoe designer, so I went to the Cordwainer’s College in London to learn how. It’s complicated!

Sketches and shoe prototypes I made while studying at the Cordwainers College in London. The Cootie Bootie was for hotel rooms when traveling.

Sink Designs | My computer skills have come in very handy in the sink business, my other career.

Custom painted bathroom sinks designed and made in the USA by Lynne Sands and Decorated Bathroom. Made with love and care.

Thanks for visiting. – Lynne

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