Shoes, Sketches & Sinks

The ‘Shoe Trip’. A project for shoe school (Cordwainer’s College), several years prior to ‘Roller Blade’ Shoes.
Cootie booties shoe design and illustration
Another design and illustration for ‘The Shoe Trip’ project while at Cordwainer’s College. The assignment was shoes for a trip across Europe. The Cootie Booties are for your hotel room.
hand made shoe designs by Lynne
Shoes design boards and actual shoes I made at Cordwainer’s College in London. 
Shoe design board and the a few more shoes (no pairs) I made while at Cordwainer's College.
Shoe design board and the a few more shoes (no pairs) I made while at Cordwainer’s College.
Decorated the sink with gold swirling lines. Did a toilet too.
This is one of my sinks I sell on It’s the Gold Swirling Lines design on an American Standard pedestal. I also made a toilet to match.
hand painted sink in pink bathroom
I created the design on the sink, had ceramic decals silk-screened, made the sink, took the photo and faked up the bathroom.

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