Modern black and white bathroom sink

I have a business decorating bathroom fixtures which is not a full-time job. I created the designs, made the sinks, faked up the bathrooms and took (and retouched!) the photos. You can check out the whole collection on the website

hand painted sink in pink bathroom
This is a surprisingly popular design and photo on Houzz in spite of the fact that it’s pretty out there. I created the artwork for the flowers in Illustrator and had ceramic decals silk-screened. They are applied to the sink and then kiln-fired to about 1500° farenheight to fuse them onto the china.
Decorated the sink with gold swirling lines. Did a toilet too.
Gold Swirling Lines on a contemporary pedestal and toilet in an actual bathroom.
Tiny brochure art and made all the sinks too.
This is a ver small (3 x 4″) brochure I designed to send out with the sinks and for promotion purposes.

Tiny brochure art and made all the sinks too.

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