Knight-ridder annual report typesetting


These jobs were done for a boutique agency in Miami who had great clients like Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz and Knight-Ridder. I did the layout and print production on the projects. I learned a lot from the designers I worked with at that agency, some really talented people.

Knight-Ridder Annual Report layout and production. I did this a few years running.

Knight-Ridder Annual Report Layout and Production

Mercedes-Benz Catalog layout and production.That was a beautiful job with timeless products and design. A pleasure to work on. It was done a few years ago and still looks great.

Mercedes-Benz Catalog layout and production.

Pepsi Stuff catalogs in multiple formats and languages. When this job was printed it made the record books for being the largest print quantity ever, it was a privilege to work on it.

pepsi stuff catalog and production

Other stuff I have designed and produced.

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