superwoman-graphsI got my start on the Mac doing presentations for management consultants in London, England, I’ve done hundreds of them. They were all data-driven graphics presenting complex ideas for global corporations. I worked at Booz.Allen as the Report Production Manager, as well as for lots of other big name consultants in the UK, including Goldman Sachs. This was me back then…

Here are some presentations I’ve done in recent history. I love doing them!!!

Pitch Deck for Start-Up Funding

This is a pitch deck that morphed into various versions, ultimately without much animation. This is the final version, mostly sent out as a pdf and presented in person. The very last item on this page is a previous (animated) version. Download it here… ID Pitch Deck.


PR Presentation for Las Vegas Show

This one doesn’t have any animation in it but it could be great if you added some. I might get around to giving it a bit of an edit, in the meantime, this is it. It was a presentation done for a local pr agency who does the pr for this show, it was opening at a new location. Anybody seen it? I have!!! It was easy to do this since the images were already graphically good. Download it here… entertainment-pr-presentation.


Overview of My Career Presentation

This is actually a little presentation/brochure I created to get new customers and to give me something to present at meetings. It’s a brief synopsis of my graphic design career. To get a look at my whole career, in chronological order, check out the new  page on this site. To be created very soon, by end of 7/19. Download the presentation, lynne-sands-presentation


Water Conditioning Company Sales Presentation

Presentation to sell water conditioners, water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.  This has some nice animations on the objects, not just effects on the pages! I’m working on the download link, I have to fix some of the animations since I converted it to PowerPoint, I did it in Keynote. So much nicer to work in.


Volunteer Orientation Presentation

This one has lots of animation as the customer wanted to make it interesting and it was done a few years ago, when animated effects weren’t so unpopular. The complete presentation was about 60 slides, these are some of the highlights. Download it here… volunteer-presentation.


Living Trust Seminar Presentation

Presentation for financial planner to solicit clients for living trusts. It’s presented at one of those functions where you get a free lunch and listen to the presentation sales pitch. Download pdf file here… Living-trust-seminar-presentation


Pitch Deck for Funding First Round

This is the previous version, a bit more timid in the design department but with a fair amount of (subtle?) effects and animation. Some are even appropriate and enhance the message. Download it here… animated-pitch-deck

Instinctive Drives pitch deck presentation design

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