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I got my start in this industry at an early age, practically ‘born into the business’. My mother was a publisher and my step-father owned a printing plant. This led to an early education in typesetting, layout, and printing which proved to be a bit of an asset later on!

After several years working at my mom’s publishing house during my high school and art college years, I headed off to the UK to pursue a career in the theater designing sets and props, I wasn’t interested in going into the family business – at that point!

I got to work on some great shows in London, like Les Liasons Dangerous and Phantom of the Opera, plus a whole bunch of Shakespeare stuff at the Barbican. After a year of being ‘skint’, I was hired to run the report production department at a management consultancy (Booz,Allen). They had Xerox Documentors, which I learned how to use, but we quickly brought in some Macs and the next stage of my career had begun. I then worked freelance in the UK for a few more years, specifically producing data-driven graphics and data analysis for consultants. 

Most of the charts, graphs and slides were a lot more boring than these.

I should have stayed in the UK, but instead I moved to Miami, which was pretty interesting at the time. I got a job in short order at a printing plant and was lucky to learn everything I needed to get jobs printed, successfully, at the start of my career.  The highlight was Capt. Harry’s (practically an institution in Miami) Fishing Supply Catalog, one of the first to go digital. I also met several designers who became clients once I left there to work freelance. The full extent of my talents were not utilized in a printing plant.

Capt Harry Fishing Supply Catalog design
This was 50 pages. We scanned in every little item and cleaned them up or redrew them. It was a lot of work for all involved. Many years later, I’m still proud of it!

I built up my reputation in Miami as a top-notch production person and I did some fantastic production jobs for clients like Pepsi, Knight-Ridder and Mercedes-Benz and others. I didn’t design these, I did do the layout for all the pages. They were designed by one of the best designers I’ve ever worked with, John Norman, who went on to great heights. The Mercedes catalog was done in the last century and the design still works beautifully today. I didn’t go from Capt. Harry’s to this, there was lots of other work in between, they are shown below. I wanted to get some good stuff near the top of this page so you don’t lose interest!

Knight-Ridder Annual Report Layout and Production
Knight-Ridder Annual Report Layout and Production


Mercedes-Benz Catalog layout and production.
Mercedes-Benz Catalog layout and production.


pepsi stuff catalog and production
Pepsi Stuff catalogs in multiple formats and languages. When this job was printed it made the record books for being the largest print-quantity ever.

Cruise Lines were big in Miami, besides doing many maps (see below), I did lots of brochures and the ship diagrams too.

Graphics of the Americas Layout & Production
Graphic design, layout and production samples of Lynne Sands, graphic designer and presentation expert, Henderson Nevada

I also did the layout and production for Graphics of the Americas, a huge printing trade show in Miami, for quite a few years. I didn’t design them, this isn’t my style, too busy, but I did layout all the pages and create all the artwork It was a great job with an exhibitor prospectus, seminar prospectus, 50 ads in 5 languages, postcards, badges, posters, etc. Those were the good old days. I didn’t even have to quote on them and they paid great.

Graphics of the Americas Layout & Production
I did all the artwork, layout and production for this trade show for many years.


Graphics of the Americas Layout & Production
Here are some interior pages, they packed a lot of info on every one. I actually enjoyed those floor plans every year!


Graphics of the Americas Layout & Production
More interior pages, I enjoyed the forms too, in English and Spanish!

This was another client in Miami, an educational foundation that promoted conflict-solving in the classroom. I did design these and did several educational books, magazines, workbooks, catalogs and posters for them. A great client and really nice people devoted to Peace Education.

Peace Education Foundation Graphic Design
Peace Education Foundation collateral which I did design, and do all the production.


Graphics of the Americas Layout & Production
I did these for the Center for Fine Arts in Miami, they were some of my favorite jobs ever to work on, lots of space for art!

Because of all the real estate development in Miami, I did a lot of maps, floor plans and site plans.

Artwork for Community Site Plan in Florida
Community Site Plan.


Site plan artwork for golf course community in Florida
Golf Course Community Site Plan.

I did hundreds of floor plans, from basic to fully furnished like this one. Also, another great gig.

3d floor plan rendering
Floor plan rendering, illustration and design.


Floor plan artwork & design.

In the early 2000’s, I decided to fulfill a dream and become a shoe designer and I attended the Cordwainer’s College in London England. I didn’t pursue it because I was making lots of $$ doing graphic design and the shoe designer pay was poverty level. Fifteen years later, maybe it might not have been a bad idea. These are some shoes I designed and made.

hand made shoe designs by Lynne
Shoe design boards and actual shoes I made at Cordwainer’s College in London. I referred to shoemaking as a ‘gradual destruction process’. It was quite challenging to make them by hand and have them turn out perfectly…Impossible. No undo/Command Z in shoemaking.


Shoe design board and the a few more shoes (no pairs) I made while at Cordwainer's College.
Shoe design board and a few more shoes (no pairs) I made while at Cordwainer’s College.

These were for a project we did at Cordwainer’s. Shoes for a trip to Europe for a certain type of customer. The customer was me. I did do the drawings and all the different shoes I invented are illustrated. If you click on the drawings you can get a larger image. FYI, the Cootie Booties shown below are for wearing in your hotel room, so you can keep your feet clean. I had blow up shoes and boots, in the photo at left, and the roller blade shoe a long time before they came out.

Cootie booties shoe design and illustration
Another design and illustration for The Shoe Trip project while at Cordwainer’s College.


Project for Shoe School, several years prior to ‘Roller Blade’ Shoes.

Since moving to Las Vegas I’ve done a lot of stuff for the local Kinetico dealer, most of it I’m not proud of. However, they pay right away, they are great people too and I get to do different things, like applying graphics to vehicles. It’s like a big craft project printing and preparing all the film. Several of the water conditioner installers come to my house with the truck and we do it there. Most of the vehicles look great, from ten feet away!!! Other stuff I’ve done for them is: lots of signage; ads; posters; hats; banners; forms; in-store displays; loads of stuff for their Home Depot program; everything a business needs.


artwork for kinetico ad with pretty girl
Ad Art and Design.

kinetico ad artwork


Home Depot Water Test Tree Sign design
Home Depot Water Test Tree Sign.


Design & layout BRM envelope.
Design & layout BRM envelope.
Infographic design
Soft Water Infographic.
artwork and design of water pollution infographic
Water pollution infographic artwork.


Sales Presentation, fully animated.

This is stuff I’ve done in recent history for a start-up. They created a unique personality test.

Logo Design Las Vegas
Logo and App Icon.


my id logo artwork
Logo design and they used the left side as their application icon.


presentation folder artwork for link-up
Design and artwork for presentation folder.


Pitch Deck Presentation for start-up. Download it here, ID Pitch Deck.


Logo Design Las Vegas
Business Plan Layout & Design.


globe graphic2017 pd
Fully animated graphic I created showing how people can be connected through their ID.

Instinctive Drives pitch deck presentation design

A previous version of their pitch deck presentation for their first round of funding. It was a simpler design and fully animated. You can download it here… animated-pitch-deck

These are for a local Las Vegas homebuilder, Harmony Homes. I did lots of them for an agency here in town. I would love it if they would call with more. LOL but seriously!!!


Presentation for a volunteer program. It’s fully-animated. Download it volunteer-presentation.

In addition to graphic design, I have a business decorating bathroom fixtures, Like many people these days, I need two jobs to make a living.Hand painted sink website design

hand painted sink in pink bathroom
This is one of the sinks I sell on I created the design on the sink, had ceramic decals silk-screened, made the sink, took the photo and faked up the bathroom scene.


Decorated the sink with gold swirling lines. Did a toilet too.
Decorated the sink with gold swirling lines. Did a toilet too.


Chris Angel Presentation. You can download it here, entertainment-pr-presentation.Unfortunately, it’s not animated.

That was up to a few years ago, please visit Recent Work to see what I have been doing lately. Thanks. – Lynne

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